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Late/Absence Procedures

Drop Off /Collection Information and Leave of Absence




Attendance at all school sessions is required by law. The only exceptions to this are in cases of illness or where special leave-of-absence has been granted.


What to do if your child is ill and cannot attend school


It is essential that you contact the school before 9.30am on the day your child is legitimately absent.


Drop Off Arrangements.


The school day is 8:45 – 3:20. (Please note end of term exceptions published on the school calendar). Parents are expected to drop off / collect children (or arrange for this to happen) punctually.  Teachers record lateness in the registers and persistent lateness will be referred to Attendance Compliance Enforcement.


No child must be left unattended on the playground or pavement. Children are parents’ responsibility until 8:45am. All children must be in school by 8:55 am. The gate will lock at this time and as parents, it is your responsibility to be on time. The impact of lateness is not just on your children but also on all the others in the class when lessons have to be stopped and the teacher has to go and explain to late children what they need to do.  If your child is going to be late please ensure you have phoned the office before 9:30am to order your child a school dinner for that day.




There may be occasions where a pupil needs to attend a hospital appointment. If possible please aim to book these so they do not interfere with the school day. An official appointment letter should be supplied to the office.


Dentist and non-emergency doctor’s appointments should also booked outside of the school day.


Where a child needs to attend an emergency appointment please inform the office as soon as possible as we cannot guarantee that the office is staffed at all times. Changes in collection arrangements should be notified in advance.


We cannot authorise pupils to be out of school if another family member has an appointment and alternative provision should be made if such appointments will conflict with collection and drop off arrangements.


All requests to take pupils out during the school day must be made in writing to the office.


Signing in/out procedure


Any child arriving at school after 8.45am will have missed the morning registration mark and must be brought by their parent or carer to the office, giving a reason for the late arrival. Any child who has to leave school during school hours for a medical appointment or similar bona fide reason must complete an early collection request form. Children leaving school during the school day must be collected from the office by their parent or carer.


All requests to take pupils out during the school day must be made in writing to the office.


End of Day Collection Arrangements


We will not routinely release pupils before the end of the school day without advance notice in writing. Collecting a child early and without sufficient notice is disruptive to the smooth running of the school including the teaching and learning of pupils. Please do not assume that staff are available to support no/short notice collection.

To safeguard pupils the school gates will not generally be opened without an appointment between 2:45 and 3:10pm


At the end of the day children in Year 6 are only allowed to walk home alone with written permission from parents and agreement from school. Key Stage 2 children may be collected by older siblings provided the school has received written authorisation from parents.  Pupils in Lower School must be collected by an adult or a sibling over the age of 16.


Where changes to a child’s normal pattern of home time occurs, the school expects to be informed by the parent on or before the day. If your child is attending an afterschool club a change in collection arrangements must still be notified before the end of the day as messages cannot be relayed to staff after this time.


Where a person other than a child’s parent is collecting a child from school – school expects to be informed


When children start in Reception, parents need to make the teacher is aware of who will be collecting the child each day.


Where a different to the usual person is sent to pick up a child – school needs notification as they will not release a child to an unknown adult or to another parent


We recognise that there are occasions where parents are delayed through no fault of their own e.g. traffic jams etc however it is important that all parents are aware that at 3.20pm all Teaching Assistants finish work and Teachers have a range of commitments – from meeting with parents, running extra-curricular clubs, staff training, marking books attending meetings etc. Staff are not available after school to look after your children and appropriate childcare should be arranged if you are not able to collect your child. This also applies to after school clubs which close at 4:15. Children who are not collected promptly from clubs will unfortunately not be permitted to attend as late collection compromises staff commitments and may lead to safeguarding difficulties.


Informing us that your child is unwell


Telephone the school before 8.45am if your child is unwell or has an emergency appointment. Please give an indication of approximately how many days you anticipate your child being absent from school. If your child is absent for more than three days, please contact school on the fourth day to keep us informed. Also if your child is absent following a weekend please telephone the school on Monday.


Provide a doctor’s certificate if the illness is prolonged and the school request a copy.


Advise the school if your child is going to be late for any reason and if applicable order your child a lunch before 9:30am. Lunch orders cannot be taken after 9:30 and you will need to supply your child with a packed lunch.


If a child is ill during the school day they will be taken to the School Office, where they will be seen by a designated member of staff. A decision will then be taken whether or not to contact parents or carers.  If your child has been sick at school they will be sent home and can return 48 hours after the last episode of illness.


Please inform the school if your child contracts an infectious or contagious disease; these include head-lice infestation, an occasional problem in school which can spread rapidly through classes unless treated, chicken pox, mumps and German measles (rubella), which can have serious implications for staff.

If your child receives first aid during the day we will notify you through Class Dojo, this includes treatment for head bumps. We will only contact your by phone if your child needs to be taken home.


Extended Leave of Absence


The school holiday dates are published in advance and parents and carers should not need to take their children out of school during term time. There is strong DfE evidence showing that children who are absent from school for any length of time do not make good progress or achieve their full potential. If a family feels leave in term time is unavoidable then written details must be provided. This should be done in advance as detailed on the leave of absence form, so that appropriate consideration can be given and a response made.

Please note that failure to comply with this procedure may result in an unauthorised absence being recorded and Attendance Compliance Enforcement being informed.


Please be aware that The Education (Pupil Registration)(England) (Amendment)  Regulations 2013 state that Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. The Headteacher should determine the number of school days a child can be away from school if leave is granted. In accordance with the above Regulations, requests for leave of absence are treated sympathetically, but only in exceptional circumstances can they be approved.



If your child requires medicine to be administered during the school day, including self-administered medication such as inhalers, a form must be completed to accompany the medicine. All medicine must be clearly named and given into the School Office by the parent or carer.